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As a Premium Event DJ, we are not just here to play party music – we will provide you an experience tailored to you throughout your special event.

Months prior, we will get to know you by arranging an appointment at your convenience to discuss your musical needs to match your personality or theme for your occasion with specific musical queue points.

Through music, we will together create an end result which will set the atmosphere, fun and emotion of your grand celebration for everyone to experience and enjoy.


Catering for venues of all sizes, types and locations, we have access to all your audio/visual equipment needs; whether it be outdoor speakers, wireless microphones, lighting and even the deepest sub woofers - we will cover it.

With all equipment tagged and tested, we will be at the venue to set up at least 1½ hours for a full audio sound check, and testing of all equipment.


We provide packages for the following events:



Corporate Events


Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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